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The Visegrad Forum (VYF) is a unique project with a long-standing tradition. It is an international conference fully organized by students from the Euro-Atlantic Center. The main goal of the project is to connect young people and future leaders from V4 countries, as well as from neighbouring regions, and help them to improve both their theoretical and practical knowledge about different aspects of regional and intraregional cooperation in various fields. The project aims to promote the idea of cooperation among the general  public via panel discussions, workshops, simulations, press releases and non-formal activities, for example through the cultural program of the event.

The project consists of a number of phases, the culmination of which is a three-day conference in Banská Bystrica, in the heart of Slovakia, which is the only V4 country to share its border with all the other respective V4 states – Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

During previous editions of the project, the Euro-Atlantic Center managed to transform a regular conference-based project into a platform for the exchange of proposals of possible solutions of current challenges faced by the V4. The event possesses a unique element – the meeting of future leaders from the V4 and neighbouring regions with the current policy makers with the goal of sharing ideas and opinions, which can serve as mutual policy recommendations. Thus, the Visegrad Youth Forum contributes to the vital public discussion about the V4.