First of all, Euro-Atlantic Center is proud to present this video shot during Visegrad Youth Forum 2013. Enjoy!


Visegrad Youth Forum 2013 took place in April, 2013 (25th – 27th). It started with the opening reception in beautiful and historical centre of Banská Bystrica.

Second day started with the first panel discussion – Western Balkans on the path to the Euro- Atlantic structures.” We had the honour of welcoming 4 experts on this topic:

Jan Vlkovský:  Expert on Western Balkans, Jagello 2000 Association, Czech Republic
Beáta Huszka: Senior research fellow,  Hungarian Institute of International Affairs
Tomasz Żornaczuk: Analyst on the Western Balkans, Polish Institute of International Affairs
Ján Cingel: Director for Partnership Development, Slovak Atlantic Commission

The first panel was followed by a discussion with the speakers and short coffee break. Then, second panel discussion started. Its theme was actual and eloquent – Europe at a crossroad. What is the future of the EU and the Eurozone?” The experts discussing were:

Vít Dostál: Deputy Director,  Association of International Affairs, Czech Republic
Paweł Zerka:  Policy Analysts, Center for European Strategy, Poland
Ján Boďa: Department of Economic and Financial Models, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Róbert Vass: Secretary General, Slovak Atlantic Comission

After the discussion and lunch, our participants were transfered to Sliač Air Force Base. Euro-Atlantic Center in cooperation with Slovak Ministry of Defense prepared an excursion for participants. Thanks to that, they had an opportunity to see the biggest Slovak Air Force Base and its equipment.

The day was finished in a very interesting manner, with an informal night owl session, a discussion with soldiers who experienced international crisis management operations. We welcomed three Slovak soldiers:

Col. Jozef Kotas: Military Advisor, Office of the State Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Slovakia
Maj. Róbert Bartakovics: Operation Division officer, General Staff, Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic
Maj. Pavol Cisárik: Strategic Planning and Capability Development Division officer, General Staff, Armed Forces of
the Slovak Republic

The last day’s program consisted of interactive workshop. The participants were divided into three groups and they were discussing the future of V4 cooperation and current problems of V4.

The program was concluded by last panel discussion. Panel III title was The  future  of  transatlantic  alliance:  Can  NATO  meet  the  challenges  of  the  21th century?” It was chaired by the president of Euro-Atlantic Center who had an opportunity to welcome very distinguished guests:

Miroslav Mizera: Advisor, Office of the State Secretary, Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic
Gergely Varga: Analyst, Strategic Research Institute, Hungary
Amb. Piotr Ogrodziński: Senior counsellor of minister, Security Policy Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs  of the Republic of Poland
Marian Majer: Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs, Slovak Republic