Joint Statement from the NATO and Russia Summit Simulation

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 Joint Statement from the NATO and Russia Summit Simulation

The following joint statement has been produced during the NATO and Russia Summit Simulation at the Visegrad Youth Forum 2017 organized by the Euro-Atlantic Center. 

We, the members of the Alliance, have agreed upon and would like to declare the following points in regards to the growing tensions at the Alliance’s eastern border:

a) to reiterate the fact that we belong to NATO, first and foremost, and as such, we pledge to follow the collective defence Article 5;

b) to express our full support for the Alliance’s eastern flank;

c) to reiterate our commitment to follow norms of international law;

d) to ask NATO military observes to be present at Russian military exercises in order to show our will to cooperate and abide by international law;

e) to pledge not to conduct military exercises in the Suwalki Gap as long as Russia decreases its military presence in the area; 

f) to condemn Russian aggression and the strategic intimidation of NATO member states. 

The following points were added to the joint statement following a simulated scenario, in which paramilitary troops without any visible military insignias crossed the Latvian border: 

We, the members of the Alliance, strongly condemn the act of aggression towards the territorial integrity of the Republic of Latvia and consider the attack on Latvia as an attack on the Alliance as a whole, its security and international order and law. Therefore, acting on the request of the Republic of Latvia, the Alliance has decided to: 

g) to invoke Article 5 of the Washington Treaty against any actors and/or forces, which are currently and directly threatening the sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of Latvia; 

h) to consider the request of other members of the Alliance, namely the Republic of Estonia and the Republic of Lithuania, to increase the presence of troops in their respective country, underlining that the Alliance is fully committed to support the security environment in both countries in case the need arises.

(NOTE: This joint statement is addressed to policy makers to inform them of the opinions of the Visegrad youth and should serve as recommendation material.)

Joint Statement from the NATO and Russia Summit Simulation (.pdf)