VYF 2017 – Day 2

The second day of the Visegrad Youth Forum 2017 began with the event’s panel discussion titled “Defence cooperation: Mission (Im)Possible?”. The panel was introduced by Jaroslav Ušiak, the Vice Dean for International and Public Relations of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the Matej Bel University. Speaking at the panel discussion were Ferenc Kalmár, Deputy Head of the Defence Policy Unit at the Ministry of Defence of Hungary, Miroslav Mizera, Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Defence at the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic and Jakub Kufčák, Research Fellow at the AMO Research Center.

Following the panel discussion, the participants joined their respective workshop groups for the first round of workshops about the future of the V4 in regards to the rising prominence of the Three Seas Initiative.

After a well-deserved lunch break, the participants and the organizers embarked on an excursion to the Training Centre Lešť, a specialized training centre of special units of the Slovak Armed Forces, as well as other special forces that are part of the security framework of Slovakia. By the end of the excursion, the participants presented the statements agreed upon during the first workshop session.

After an exhausting day, a traditional Slovak dinner at Koliba Stráže awaited the participants after the excursion. 

Tento obsah bol zaradený v VYF 2017. Zálohujte si trvalý odkaz.