VYF 2017 – Day 3

On the third and final day of the Visegrad Youth Forum 2017, the participants took on the roles of real policy makers during the simulation of a NATO and Russia summit. Throughout the day, the participants held various negotiations regarding the current defence situation in light of the growing tensions at the Alliance’s eastern border.

Following the conclusion of the summit and the closing remarks of the President of the Euro-Atlantic Center Lucia Kaščákováthe participants of this year’s Visegrad Youth Forum were presented with a certificate and a gift bag. The participants, who filled out all the tests during the e-learning phase were presented with special gifts, as was the event’s most active participant as voted by the participants themselves.

We would like to thank the participants of this year’s Visegrad Youth Forum for making the sixth edition of the project a success! See you next year!

Tento obsah bol zaradený v VYF 2017. Zálohujte si trvalý odkaz.